Lead your tribe from Stone age to Space age


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Freeciv is an strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization and based on the famous Civilization and Age of Empires.

Each player have to lead its own civilization by building cities and making them to be bigger and more important with a main objective: eliminate the rest of civilizations and become the most important one.

Freeciv offers us great features and a good graphic engine, we won't miss any feature included in other similar games and we'll be able to enjoy the online multiplayer experience.

Your goal is to convert your stone age civilization into the most powerful in the planet. The power of your civilization is given by the number and the size of the cities you control. Of course you'll be able to build some extra buildings which will help your civilization too.

The final victory is for the civilization which will conquer the rest of civilizations. There are two ways to conquer them: Military or technologically.
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